Twitter is not tweeting on renewed speculation that it will sell itself!

Speculation as to whether Twitter may or may not be acquired first surfaced at the end of December 2014, when the social media company was suggested as a possible takeover target for private equity firms. Nearly two years have passed since this initial speculation broke and in that time a number of big tech companies have also been named as possible corporate buyers for Twitter.

As the company heads towards its third anniversary as a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange on November 8th, its share price, after an initial three-month high of USD 69.00 in January 2014, had dropped as low as USD 14.02 in June of this year, but not unsurprisingly has risen in the last couple of days as a couple more suitors are linked to the company.

As always, according to “people familiar with the matter”, the latest names to be linked with Twitter are Walt Disney and Microsoft, although as usual all parties are remaining quiet on the subject. Microsoft I could understand, but Walt Disney? At this point I struggle to see where traditional “M&A” synergies that are cited as drivers of deals are between Twitter and Walt Disney, unless Mickey, Donald and Goofy et al are ready to tweet to the world!