The 1 billion-dollar diaper co?

So, in addition to being a successful movie star and a mum, Jessica Alba, star of films such as the Fantastic Four and Sin City, also found time to co-found a company back in 2012 that brought to parents in the US environmentally friendly and chemical free baby products, of which eco-friendly diapers account for 80% of all online products sold.

Nothing very unusual about celebrities whom become successful business men or women I hear you thinking. Yet Honest Co, the company founded by Ms Alba and her business partner, Christopher Gavigan, announced on Friday a Series C round of funding raising $70m and valuing the business at over $1bn. This round of funding follows on from $25m that was raised in November 2013 and $27m raised in March of the same year.

Whilst no reference to an IPO has been made by the company itself, one of its principle investors, Mr Eric Liaw of Institutional Venture Partners, is quoted in one source as saying: “While the company has no immediate plans to go public, that’s something it could consider down the road”.