Shareholder demands could trigger a sticky end for Bostik

Activist investors, whether they be new or existing shareholders, that go “rogue” can make times particularly tough for the CEOs of public companies and Total SA is a case in point. 

The French oil company has for some time been under pressure from its shareholders to improve its cash flow position and increase its shareholder dividend payouts. This has led to over $5.5bn worth of divestments in the last 2 years alone and now, if an anonymous source that is briefing the likes of Reuters, is to be believed, Total is open to offers for the French glue and adhesive company Bostik. 

This isn’t the first time Bostik have been touted as being for sale, with a story breaking as far back as February 2011 that Bostik along with a couple of other divisions of Total were up for sale. 

Clearly back in 2011, Bostik was stuck like glue to its parent company!