Phones 4U may still keep ringing….

In an ironic twist to the story, the mobile operators which contributed to the demise of high street retailer Phones 4U are now eyeing assets in the company

Shareholder demands could trigger a sticky end for Bostik

French oil giant Total is seeking a buyer for Bostik, best known for making Blu-Tack, as it comes under pressure to return cash to shareholders.

A warm “Selamat Datang” to Private Equity from Malaysia

Although Singapore has traditionally been the most popular investment destination within the ASEAN region, sentiment displayed at the 2nd Annual Private Equity Forum in Malaysia is that there is also plenty of potential for exciting investment in Malaysian companies.

Will Nespresso’s settlement cause other prospective buyers of Mondelez’s coffee business to perk up?

New measures which mean Nespresso must inform competitors of planned changes to its machines could have a knock-on effect on interest in Mondelez’s coffee business

The 1 billion-dollar diaper co?

So, in addition to being a successful movie star and a mum, Jessica Alba, star of films such as the Fantastic Four and Sin City, also found time to co-found a company back in 2012 that brought to parents in the US environmentally friendly and chemical free baby products, of which eco-friendly diapers account for 80% of all online products sold.