Deals, big deals and even bigger deals!

We are not two full weeks into Q4 of 2015, and we are seeing some significant deals both in absolute value terms and also in terms of the implications for the sectors in which they are happening.

There have been two deals announced just this week alone with a combined value of nearly USD 100bn. Monday saw the announcement of Dell’s USD 67bn takeover of EMC, the network and data storage technology company, resulting in the largest tech deal by value since the dot com boom of the early noughties. Tuesday saw Wells Fargo announce its USD 32bn takeover of GE Commercial Distribution Finance Corporation, and also the Corporate Finance business of General Electric Capital Corporation. Add in to the mix the increased offer of USD 103bn that Inbev has in principle agreed with SABMillers shareholders and you have a dynamite start to the final quarter of the year.

Perhaps the only slight grey cloud that could be on the horizon, is that of the 44 deals announced that are over USD 10bn so far in the totality of 2015, only one third of them have actually completed as of today’s date. Large deals by their very nature are complex and take time to conclude, but until a deal is actually signed and done, deal makers won’t be celebrating the bumper year just yet!