News Corp looks for greater divine intervention and forgiveness from a wider audience

Rupert Murdock's News Corporation has not endeared itself to many people this year with the phone tapping scandal that ended in the closure of the News of the World, one of the UK's oldest newspapers, in July.

What with the public enquiry and the ongoing police investigation, one would have to believe that we have by no means heard the end of this matter yet.

The scandal that evolved managed to completely derail News Corp’s continuing battle to take full control of BSkyB, with the British government ultimately deciding that it would not be in the public interest to allow News Corp to proceed with its full takeover plans.

This failed bid has left News Corp with plenty of cash to pursue other opportunities, and yesterday morning it announced that, via its HarperCollins publishing subsidiary, it was acquiring Thomas Nelson, the largest religious publisher in the US. News Corp, via Harper Collins, already owns Zondervan, the largest US publisher of bibles, which it acquired back in the late 80s. Bringing the two companies together will therefore clearly present News Corp with a chance to consolidate sales in a niche sector of publishing where annual sales have continued to hold up well and grow.
Clearly, in light of this year's News of the World scandal, News Corp is looking to seek forgiveness for its sins and appeal to a higher authority than the police, politicians and Joe Public.