Chancellor offers more UK savers attractive incentives to become Business Angels

Yesterday saw the Chancellor's autumn statement, and it didn't really help resolve the current UK ‘un-feel good factor’ that we are all undoubtedly experiencing.

However, if you do have up to the odd £100k hanging around earning a miserly 1-3% at the bank or reducing in value in your pension fund, then the announcement opened a window of opportunity for wealthier UK savers to become Business Angels.

Those experienced investors in start-up or early-stage companies would argue this is not before time; the British Government has finally recognised that better tax relief should be provided for those who are prepared to risk their own capital in young businesses and in doing so also try to kick-start the UK economy.

Young businesses have continually struggled to raise finance over the last three or four years and more and more have looked to the Business Angel community for assistance.

From next April private investors will be able to invest up to £100k in fledgling businesses and receive upfront tax relief of 50%.

So raid your piggy banks and become a Business Angel, it might be as good as it gets from an investment returns perspective for the foreseeable future!