Is Dalian Wanda up for the "Ultimate Fight"?

If companies reflect their CEO's personalities, then Wang Jianlin, the CEO of Dalian Wanda, must be a movie going, power boat driving, football loving ironman who loves a good scrap. Or he could be a very astute CEO who is capitalising on the growing demand in China for ever populist western pursuits and past times. The reason I say this is that last week saw Dalian Wanda linked (amongst others) to a USD 4bn acquisition of the Las Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship, the company who brought minimal rules, multi-disciplined fight competitions to homes on a worldwide basis.

The company has spent a little over USD 13bn in the last four years, with the lion share of its acquisitions taking place in 2015, and in the process acquired some of the world’s most powerful brands within their own area of specialism. So last year saw Ironman, the iconic triathlon brand added to AMC Cinema's and Sunseeker yachts, amongst others.

If this acquisition were to proceed, it would mean that Dalian would have already surpassed its 2015 acquisition spend with seven months of the year still remaining. Again, further evidence that Chinese corporations are actively looking externally or for acquisition targets which maximise opportunities for growth both inside and outside of their own country.

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