Where there’s muck there’s brass

I don’t think any one of us will not be aware of the growth industry that recycling and eco- friendly products or services has become over the last decade. However, this weekend has seen the press refer to two deals, admittedly at opposing ends of the deal spectrum in terms of size and type but typical of the interest this sector continues to generate on a global level.

At the smaller end of the scale you have Liverpool-based Environmental Waste Controls (EWC) appointing the broker Daniel Stewart to handle its admission to AIM, London’s junior market, reportedly valuing the company at around £35m. EWC specialises in compaction and reduction in waste and recycling for both private, but primarily public sector clients. Then at the other end of the continuum you have the “eco” advisor Environmental Resources Management (ERM) having been put up for sale by Bridgepoint – its private equity majority shareholder – with offers expected to be over £450m. Already a number of large well known private equity firms are reported to be interested including CVC Capital and Warburg Pincus.

Obviously these are two very different businesses. In essence EWC actually gets its corporate hands dirty by collecting and disposing or recycling of waste materials, whereas EWC specialises in advising about all aspects of implementing eco-friendly corporate policies or dealing with particular environmental issues that corporates may face.

Either way as the saying goes – where there’s muck there’s brass.

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