Southern sandwich snackers get yet more healthy options…

Pod Food Ltd, the UK’s fastest growing healthy fast food chain, has in the last few days secured an additional £3.5m of investment to assist it in the next stage of its growth.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pod, which will be anyone who does not work within the Square Mile of London given that it currently has only nine shops pretty much located within this area, the company was set up in 2006 when its founder, Tim Hall, couldn’t find anywhere near his office that sold natural and nutritious food.

The theory behind Pod is that while the last decade has seen a boom in chain sandwich shops like Prêt and Eat amongst others, Pod would specialise in providing menu options created by nutritionists and made from so called super foods, thus doing away with the hidden fat and sugars contained in many so called healthy fast food chain options.

The new investment has been earmarked for the expansion of more outlets in the Capital, but I for one am hoping that sooner or later Pod manages to break out from within the London City limits and heads to other major cities, particularly Manchester.

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