Angry Birds grow on Apple, to hatch a potential nest egg

I don’t have an iPad or an iPhone, I have merely an iPod touch and, shock horror, I only listen to music on it and that tends to be only when I am in the gym. However, I am not oblivious to the popularity and for that matter the addictiveness of “Angry Birds” given that a number of my colleagues – who do maximise the use of their iPhone and iPads by loading them with apps – have been raving about this particular app for some time now.

Therefore I am not surprised to hear that yesterday the Angry Birds creator, the Finland based company Rovio Mobile, announced that it had succeeded in raising $42million from a group of investors (Zephyr deal number 1601254015).

My colleagues rave about this application and from what I can see whilst some of them remain generally dismissive of the iPad for some reason this particular app has struck a chord with them. It is continually rated amongst Apple’s most downloaded apps and there are a number of occasions when I have seen well-heeled business people looking intently at their iPads, only for them to be in the midst of an Angry Birds game as opposed to reading the FT or the Wall Street Journal as was my initial perception.

Rovio has been established since 2003 and Angry Birds has proven to be its most successful app to date, suggesting that perhaps it’s not what you develop but, as ever, the timing of your developments and who your products become associated with.