Is a deal is cooking for Aga?

When I moved house last year I inherited an Aga cooker. The vast majority of my friends and acquaintances thought this was fantastic; I on the other hand felt a little underwhelmed but decided to keep an open mind. I had heard how great they cook, but perfectly baked cakes and casseroles come at a price, in terms of the amount of gas / oil / electric they use and, of course, a whole new method of cooking needs to be learnt! 

Therefore I am watching with interest the potential deal mooted yesterday that Middleby Corporation, the US-based commercial cooking and processing company, is in talks with Aga about a possible acquisition of the company.

I find it fascinating for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Middleby state on their website that their equipment "is the most innovative, cost-saving and eco-friendly in the industry"; and secondly, their product range is primarily aimed towards the commercial market. My own experience of my Aga is that it is the least cost-efficient and eco-friendly kitchen appliance I own, and I cannot believe that commercial kitchens could accept the trade-off between the time it takes to produce the perfect cakes and casseroles that Aga is synonymous with. 

Based on its closing share price, prior to yesterday's statement of a potential deal, Aga would have a market value of $113m. Now every CEO always has a "strategic" reason for pursuing a deal and I am not privy to the thoughts of Middleby Corporation's CEO, Selim A. Bassoul, but I do wonder whether or not this is about a brand that has become iconic and desirable for UK households outside of the traditional countryside and "Shires" and whether or not this ideal can be marketed to the more prosperous households of "Countryside USA"?