Moules-frites and a litre of cider…..

When you think of leading cider producing nations, I think it’s fair to say that Belgium doesn’t automatically spring to the forefront of one’s mind. Belgian chocolate, beer and moules-frites are the culinary delights I’m sure most of us associate with the country. However, on Friday it was announced that Netherlands-listed global brewer Heineken had acquired Stassen SA, the Belgium-based cider manufacturer.

According to Heineken’s own press release they are already the global leader in terms of cider offerings, with a product range including the Bulmers, Jaques and Strongbow Gold brands.

The rationale for this deal appears to be that in purchasing Stassen, a company considered to be an innovator in the world of cider, Heineken will gain cider making capacity in continental Europe. I’m sure it also brings perhaps a more exotic and continental brand to those emerging “cider drinkers” in Europe.

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