Is your TV watching you?

Yesterday saw the announcement by TiVo, the US based advanced television entertainment company, of its intention to acquire Tra Inc for a figure in the region of USD 20m. According to the official press release, Tra is proven to be able to match television exposure with specific purchase transactions. Simply put, what this means for you and me is that by acquiring Tra, TiVo will be able to keep track of what we are watching by measuring what we buy and when we buy it with appropriate product specific ad campaigns.

On the face of it this seems to be a straight forward enough deal and should provide corporations with incredibly powerful insights as to the impact of their ad campaigns relative to their sales, thus enabling much more specific television ad campaigns to be produced to provide advertising companies with further proof of the return on investment of TV-based advertising.

But I am sure it can’t only be me that’s thinking there are now too many people keeping track of what we buy, where we buy it from and trying to analyse why we buy it in order for them to work out how they can get us to buy more…..

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