Upmarket twist to the canteen dinner

In April this year the Accor group indicated its willingness to divest its subsidiary Lenotre, the company it considers to be “an ambassador of French gastronomy across the world”. 

The Lenotre Group’s activities include pastry, chocolate, candy, restaurants and over 40 luxury outlets across the world, so it’s interesting to see that this morning Sodexo, the global food services provider, has been linked to a €75m offer for the company.

When I think of Sodexo I’m afraid office and hospital canteens spring to mind, and whilst I appreciate that the marketing, PR and comms bods at Sodexo would be mortified at my overly simplistic view of their company, I do wonder if I am not alone in this categorisation.

I have read the Sodexo press release and I quote: “Sodexo views the acquisition as a unique opportunity to develop its portfolio of Prestige activities in France and internationally”. So I am wondering, does this actually mean that the rest of us are not worthy of such luxurious food treats or that like me the French home market of Sodexo has higher expectations than soggy sandwiches and cardboard cakes in its office restaurant facilities?

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