Starbucks to follow the franchise road

Famous franchises that we all know include McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s, and will soon include Starbucks in the UK.

Historically Starbucks has always wanted to retain control and the direction of their brand, thus opening stores directly within towns and cities. However, Starbucks has announced that it seeking franchise partners to run stores in smaller towns within the UK. This initiative also follows the new trend for Starbucks "drive-thrus" that are starting to pop up in the UK as well.

So why has a company that has historically kept such a tight grip on its brand come round to franchising, but considers it only suitable for the UK? Starbucks themselves acknowledge that the UK is the most competitive espresso market in the world, a fact I find surprising given that people look at me oddly when I say I only drink coffee and can't stand tea! So they plan to add to their existing 750 stores by building a presence in significantly smaller towns by adopting franchisees and also opening a further 200 "drive-thrus".

So keep your eyes peeled - very soon you will have a local Starbucks to go with your local McDonald’s and Co-op!


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