Families, who needs them when it comes to deals…

One of my more recent blogs was about Elisabeth Murdoch potentially selling her remaining stake in her company Shine Entertainment back to her father's company News Corp. When compared with the Asian soap opera that has developed around the gaming billionaire Stanley Ho, the potential deal between the Murdochs is very straight forward.

So follow this if you can. Mr Ho, the tycoon behind SJM Holdings, the company that generates over a third of the gaming revenues in Macau, has spent the last month in dispute with at least two of his former wives and children over the transferring of a significant minority stake to five of his sixteen children.

Mr Ho initially claimed that this transfer was done without his consent. His third wife and children claimed this was not the case. Add in to the equation the other siblings who were not included in the transferred stake and you have a whole heap of confusion.

Naturally, this has not helped SJM Holdings’ share price, but has perhaps helped masked other possible weaknesses in the company that analysts have picked up on. It would appear that the old adage of "a woman scorned" should be changed to "two woman and five children…" when there is a deal involved.

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