Fitbit to connect its users to healthcare coaching via the acquisition of Twine

Fitbit, the listed US-based wearable health and fitness devices manufacturer, has announced it is to acquire the healthcare start-up Twine Health. The wearing of fitness tracking devices has long since moved out of the world of  professional sports to keen amateurs and weekend exercisers as they allow wearers to keep track of everything from their daily steps to their sleep patterns, and even stress levels.

With this acquisition, the company is looking to capitalise on its technology by linking it with Twine, which provides “people with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension with coaches and doctors who then craft plans to help them follow healthier lifestyles”. 

So, bringing Fitbit technology and millions of existing users together with the people with the “know how” of what you need to do to improve your health and lifestyle is expected to result in the “complete” offering, as far as Fitbit are concerned.

As people are asked to take a much greater responsibility for their own health as healthcare systems all over the world struggle to meet the demand placed upon them, this acquisition could provide healthcare practitioners with the technological tools needed to help today’s technology-driven patients.