Chewing gum - the next new wonder drug?

Yesterday Nestle announced they had acquired CM+D Pharma, a UK-based pharmaceutical company which is currently testing a chewing gum to help kidney disease sufferers.

The acquisition was carried out via Nestle's Health Science subsidiary and demonstrates the fact that the large food companies are very keen to make inroads in to the market for foods that address major health issues.

But chewing gum - why chewing gum?

Anything that brings improved health to suffers of long-term illnesses I am all for.

But why can't food companies be working on food products that are fully digestible, rather than those which end up with their users chewing like cows eating grass. And on top of that then leave the rest of us with the infuriating task of stepping round the discarded residue on our streets.

If someone can produce a chewing gum that dissolves when landing on tarmac - then that's a company I would pay a lot of money for!

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