When Fashion Week meets M&A - again!

As Marc Jacobs departs Louis Vuitton to prep his label for an IPO, will other luxury brands follow suit?

Designer brands continue to chase the Asian markets

In the last three years alone, companies such as Prada, Bulgari, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tod’s have either been linked to an IPO, have actually listed or have had external investors acquire some or all of their shares. The most recent company linked to either a sale or a possible IPO is Versace.

TPG surfs the waves to come in and shop for new 'boardies'

Billabong's shareholders might consider an offer from TPG to be a cheeky and highly opportunist opening shot!

Dr Martens use their refound trendiness to kickstart a possible sale

Dr Martens has the advantage of being considered a uniquely British brand which, inevitably, should generate interest both in Asia and the US.

Expansion of a London online fashion site for fashionistas in North America and Asia

Give your Jimmy Choos and your Louboutins a rest and let your fingers take the shopping strain!