UK Premier League is the leading league for Chinese Investment

As Manchester City become the first Premier League club to attract Chinese investment, United's "noisy neighbours" are now making their presence felt in the financial markets, as well as on the pitch!

Retired sports stars keep playing the game

This week, two internationally renowned sports personalities announced they are buying professional sports teams

Football: ‘it’s a mug’s game’

I know the phrase should be “Gambling: it’s a mugs game”, but in light of speculation yesterday that yet another English Premier League club is about to be sold to foreign investors, I can’t help feeling that the original phrase should be changed.

Manchester United changes its game plan and decides to list on NYSE

The saga of the Glazers’ Manchester United ownership took yet another turn this week with the announcement that the company will undertake a public listing.

Manchester United linked with Asian IPO goal

This is the latest in a long line of stories linking the Glazers to a partial or full sale of the club.