Another low blow for the flying kangaroo

Australian airline Qantas announced record losses in its latest set of financial results, but is looking ahead to a brighter future

Lloyds Banking Group moves from a trot to a gallop back towards reprivatisation

The UK government kicks off the first phase of the sale of its stake in Lloyds Banking Group

Private equity buyers warm up to Urenco

As private equity buyers start to circle UK government-owned nuclear fuel giant Urenco, it begs the question: wouldn't it be better to keep our energy companies in British hands, where we might have some influence over what they do with our energy?

Chancellor offers more UK savers attractive incentives to become Business Angels

The autumn statement opened a window of opportunity for wealthier UK savers to become Business Angels

Northern Rock finally gets a new home

It has taken two years and seven months but finally Virgin Money was the successful bidder